About Us 

We started as a group of students at the Evergreen State College. With very little in the way of academic publishing through our school, and no paid writing jobs in the area we decided to start our own publication. Our goal is to focus on publishing any and all work of those who want their work published. We seek writers who stand outside of the traditional realm of academia and will form a group that spans the spectrum of creative thought. We are determined to compensate contributing authors, not with ‘experience’ not with ‘visibility’ but with money. We are committed to directing 90% of purchase and donation profit to our contributing authors. Here at Stir. we feel that literacy education is key to fostering the next generation of readers and writers in a time when now more than ever we need people to write. We will donate the remaining 10%-along with the editors share-to the Children's Literacy Initiative. We hope that you'll join us in this little experiment to stand as a beacon for readers and writers to go forth and create. If you feel that your writing must be read, we always have a blank page for you.

We hope you enjoy what we have made here.

The Stir. Team

In their own words our writer are...


Peter Breit

is a filmmaker, writer, and game designer. They work primarily in fiction, focusing on small, experimental projects, with the goal of re-envisioning how we tell stories.

Eva Luna

is a 19 year old college dropout with a habit of working at tourist attractions and a penchant for stories about sad lesbians. Their hobbies include writing, crying, and screaming into the void. They can be reached at evaluna916@gmail.com

Porter Nelson

is a temperamental demiurge who burned through college with the fury of a hot new God only to find that on the other side the world isn't so ready for him. He writes from his seaside cottage in Ireland and is happily married to his wife Theresa. The latter is untrue.

Jacqueline Littleton

is definitely 18 years old. Her favorite subject is gym. She likes naps, snacks and taking the easy way out.